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Dermaoptions tips for winterizing your skin

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Winter can take its toll on our skin and our face is particularly vulnerable as it is so exposed

With this in mind here are our tips for winterizing your skin.

As we know our skin needs extra TLC in winter. The environment causes damage to our skins protective layer. Vital lipids get stripped away. This in turn leaves openings in our skin, exposing our natural defence barrier. Harsh wind and the cold can leave our face feeling tight, dehydrated, dull and flaky.

* Use dermalogica ULTRA CALMING CLEANSER to help replenish lipids and soothe skin. (see Video on Link)

* dermalofica DAILY RESURFACER brightens and hydrates the skin.

* Give your skin lots of hydration by using either MULTI ACTIVE TONER, ANTIOXIDANT HYDRAMIST or ULTRA CALMING MIST all by dermalogica


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