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Is your skin Winter ready? What you need to know about your skin this season!

Are you suffering with that winter itch, the kind where you want to just scratch your skin off?! The skin becomes dry and irritated as we face wind, central heating and low humidity.

The harsh weather can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier. This creates gaps in the outer most layer, allowing water to escape (dehydration) and irritants to get in (sensitivity). The dry environment may be responsible for the itchy sensations, as the inflammatory response kicks in and releases histamines. It can exacerbate inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema, ichthyosis, and psoriasis, which suffer an impaired barrier function. Just like the eyelids, the skin on the lips is extra thin and sensitive. They can suffer greatly during the harsh winters, resulting in dry cracked, sore lips.

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The winter dryness looks bleak, but what can we do to alleviate these symptoms? Try this:

  • Supplement with a hydrating serum or masque that includes a high dose of Hyaluronic Acid (which holds 1000 x its own weight in water).
  • Target sensitised skin with calming complexes such as oats, Ginger and Red Hogweed, which reduce those uncomfortable sensations.
  • Treat skin while you sleep with a peptide serum rich in Argan Oil that provides fatty acids, plant sterols, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid to reinforce the barrier lipid layer.
  • Reduce the temperature of your bath and shower, use bath oils, and apply body moisturiser immediately after your shower (within 3 minutes).
  • Do not over bathe, over strip, and be too harsh with the skin. Treat it gently and with respect!
  • Avoid licking lips, as digestive enzymes and bacteria in saliva can damage the lips. Use a nourishing lip balm with Shea Butter and Avocado.

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FAQs at Options Beauty West Wickham

Skin Care – General Skin Care

Can I wear make-up after waxing and facials?

We would advise that you only apply mineral based make-up following a waxing or facial treatments.

How often should I clean my make-up brushes?

Cleaning your make-up brushes every 2 weeks will prevent a build up of undesirable bacteria.

Can anyone use anit-ageing products?

Yes from 16 years old to good quality anti-aging products can help prevent the effects of aging.

Skin Care – Dermalogica

Why do we need to see a professional skin therapist?

To get professional advice on how to keep your skin healthy and in excellent condition.

What toll does aeroplane travel have on my skin?

Zero humidity, recycled air, chemicals and fluctuating temperatures all take its toll on your skin. Here are some products that will help your skin combat these problems.

Dermalogica do travel size, carry on products to use while your flying.

Ultracalming cleanser requires only a tissue to remove.

Dermalogica toner – spritz at regular intervals to hydrate the skin.

Skin hydrating booster – tiny product that contains hyduronic acid to help smooth fine lines and quench dry skin.

Help I suffer from acne and I am in my late twenties

Medibac is a fantastic product to help you combat this condition in adults. Best thing to do is to pop in and speak to one of our dermalogica trained therapists and get some advice on the best product for your skin.

I have sunburn what do I do now?

Get out of the sun for a few days. Drink plenty of water and take a cool bath (do not add any products) Blot the skin dry and add dermalogica after sun repair. Dermalogica also do an excellent sun protection called sport 50.

What would be the best dermalogica product for my acne prone teenage daughter?

Clear Start is a skincare range especially suited to teenagers.

Manicure & Pedicure

What is the difference between O.P.I gels and Bio Sculpture Gels?

Personal choice, they are both an excellent product. Bio Sculpture is gentler on the nails as it doesn’t use a bond aid.

Am I able to get an extension with Opi gels?

No we only offer this in Bio Gel Sculptures.

Do I need to wear flip flops when coming in for my pedicure?

Yes as it takes 10 minutes to touch dry and 1 hour useable and up to 24 hours to fully dry.

Do manicures and pedicures include a paint?

Yes taking off and re-painting is all included in the price of your manicure and pedicure.

How long does it take for nail varnish to dry fully?

It takes 24 hours to dry fully, 10 mins touch dry and 1 hour useable dry.

I usually wear dark or brightly coloured nail polish, but when I remove it, my nails are slightly stained. Why is this?

To prevent staining you need to use a base coat and avoid long periods of direct sunlight.


How quickly after shaving can I get waxed?

If you have been shaving your legs, underarms or bikini please leave a couple of weeks before you come in to have your waxing treatment.

Shall I wax or shave?

Shaving can seem like the quick option but unsightly stubble can reappear the very next day. With continual shaving the hairs become thicker and hairier than before. Waxing is a more efficient option eliminating hairs from the root.

Does waxing hurt?

Any hair being removed from the root will be painful but we use a good quality cream, peelable wax that produces minimal pain.

How long do hairs have to be, to be waxed?

Everyone’s hair grows back at different rates somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks would normally allow enough regrowth for effective waxing.

Why is hot wax better to use for Brazilians and Hollywoods as opposed to strip wax?

Hot wax only grips the hair instead of the skin, which causes less irritation and in growing hairs and is less likely to cause bruising. We use a gentle peelable wax to minimize any discomfort.

What is the difference between a bikini wax, an extended bikini line, a Brazilian and a Hollywood?

With a Bikini wax the hair is removed from the side only. An extended bikini line hair is removed from the side and slightly further in. A Brazilian wax all the hair is removed and a small strip of hair is left on the pubic bone. A Hollywood the entire pubic hair is removed.

Can you explain the intimate waxing process?

The therapist takes you into the treatment room and leaves you to get ready. There are paper thongs for you to put on and wipes to use if you want to. Your experienced therapist will chat to you putting you at ease. Hair is removed from the top of your bikini line to the top of your bum. Our professionals will make you feel relaxed and keep you comfortable during the process. You will be asked to lift your legs and possibly get on your knees. Tea tree aftercare lotion is applied. The therapist will again leave the room while you get  dressed.

Why do I develop red spots on my skin after waxing?

This is a common side effect of waxing. To eliminate and reduce the spots exfoliate and use a loofah regularly.

Can you have waxing and facials on the same day?

Yes facials need to be done first to avoid irritation.


What types of massage do you do?

Massage therapy, Indian head massage and Hot stone massage.


Why do you have 2 CACI treatments in the same week for the course?

CACI works by re-educating the muscles, the initial treatment is more effective when two treatments follow in quick succession because it helps to stop the muscles returning back to their original state.

As the course progresses muscles become accustomed to their new position, by the end of a the course regular maintenance once a month is all that’s required to retain the effectiveness of the treatment.

About the Salon

Are all your therapists fully qualified?

Yes all of them are qualified and experienced.

Do you offer complimentary tea and coffee?

Yes as well as herbal tea and a biscuit!

What late nights are you open?

We are open late on Wednesdays 9am till 8pm and Thursdays (by appointment)

Are you able to remove my mole and skin tag?

Suzanne Quinn runs her own clinic removing skin tags, thread veins, moles (these need to be checked by a doctor first) warts, blood spots and naevus. She is available 10am till 5pm Mondays and Wednesdays 10am till 2pm then returns for late night 6pm till 8pm. Her clinic is called Advanced cosmetic Procedures and she has been practicing for over 16 years .Procedure is from £50 we accept  cheques or cash. Consultations are free.

Do you do electrolysis?

Yes this is the only form of permanent hair removal.

Is it painful?

It can be, ebula cream can be obtained from the chemist. This cream numbs the area that you would like electrolysis on. Use at least one hour before procedure.

How many inches can I loose having a universal contour wrap?

6 inches guaranteed

Do I need to have more than one?

If you would like to extend your inch loss effect, a course of 3 treatments will often be enough for most women to loose a complete dress size. If its for a function then you will see a difference after one.